This is a collection of dailies.  These "sketches" range in medium but share the common ground of existing in the digital sphere. Aside from stop motion exploration, I rarely have the opportunity to hold what I create.  I am part of a generation of digital artists and curators; I started with iMovie, shooting on the family Panosonic. I ventured into animation/compositing after that. Now I professionally design for motion graphics studios where I experiment with cinema cameras like the Arri Alexa and play with 3D renders like Octane and Arnold. 


Saint Pepsi


In Decline


Strange & Wonderful Ampersand




Bic Cristal 1.6mm


Little Buddy 


What of you, Star Gazer?



Tutorials in my down time. 


Old Robe Trail

Quick edit of a weekend hike. 


Google Doodle


You Blew My Mind


Ring O'Roses


Sexy Skull


Turbine Test

Explanation Void