This is a collection of dailies.  These "sketches" range in medium but share the common ground of existing in the digital sphere. Aside from stop motion exploration, I rarely have the opportunity to hold what I create.  I am apart a generation of digital artists and curators; I started with iMovie, shooting on the family Panosonic. I ventured into animation/compositing after that. Now I professionally design for motion graphics studios where I experiment with Cinema cameras like the Arri Alexa and play with  3D renders like Octane and Arnold. 


Saint Pepsi

Boy do I love vaporwave. 


A Daily for Strange & Wonderful. 

In Decline

History is such a valuable tool. We are not indestructible, and our divide is growing. 


Strange and Wonderful Ampersand

We've been bringing Houdini models into Cinema for Octane lighting and texturing. 



More Octane renders. 


Bic Cristal 1.6mm

I have been using Octane for two weeks and loving the render times with these two NVIDIA 1070's. 


Little Buddy 

Just built my first PC. Looking forward to more home based Cinema4D animating. 


What of you, Star Gazer?

Had some free time at work today. 



Tutorials in my down time. 


Old Robe Trail

Quick edit of a weekend hike. 


Google Doodle

Whipped out this fan-imation after I saw the google doodle. 


You Blew My Mind

Straight Vape A E S T H E T I C 


Ring O'Roses

Jason Diaz and I shot fire on the Phantom. I felt inclined to composite and color correct the footage. 


Sexy Skull

We left the Terry gradients looping on set. I plopped this glass skull into frame to get a lighting reference. 


Turbine Test

Explanation Void