Sassyquatch Series

The Sasssyquatch holiday shorts encompass all that I love in this creative crossroads known as motion graphics. Strange and Wonderful has created these sensational season specials annually. As each year brings a new challenge and thrill, I've been fortunate to contribute to everything from story development, set fabrication, prop construction, motion control, character animation, editing and compositing.

Sassyquatch embodies all that I enjoy in my line of work. I see these projects as a work of passion and a milestone for my budding life in the Pacific Northwest.  



"Sassyquatch" is the first Holiday short film I helped create at Strange and Wonderful. I worked closely with the stop animators, learning about the laborious process of stop animation.  This was my first time applying my motion control knowledge to a stop animation production. 


Sassy's New Year

Sassy had a tough time in 2016. For the second installment of Strange and Wonderful's "Sasquatch", the internal team tackled all aspects of production. I had my hand in fabrication, character animation, and compositing. The experience was refreshing and cathartic. 


Behind the Scenes


Set Photos


Studio: Strange and Wonderful

Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde

Designer/Compositing: Morgan Fromme

Animation/Compositing: Austin Hochstatter

Editor/Camera Op: Ryan Hills