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Above is an ambitious start up focusing on artificially intelligent drone technology. This promotional pitch-piece was created to visualize the hardware and service provided through the companies App. My talented brother and I reunited for this CG heavy spot. My brother handled scene layouts, modeling, texturing while I focused on narrative, cinematography, and compositing. I worked with Above's marketing creatives to construct a narrative that best showcased this fascinating technology. In production phase, my brother and I divided up the 3D heavy scenes and built out the edit together. 





We felt building a 3D world would better suit our production needs to visualize this interesting service; Above wanted to showcase the drone's interaction with the most rugged, densely populated terrain. 


Behind the Scenes

Motion Test

Above offers drones as well as service men to survey damaged areas. There was no  way around including human depiction. We used Mixamo's automated process;  after purchasing approved models, we used Mixamo's auto rigger and library of movements to incorporate human characters. 

Pre Visualization

My brother handled the power lines while I took care of the pipelines. Here is a time-lapse of its creation. 


Creative Direction: Austin Hochstatter

Concept: Austin Burch, Dirk Beth

Compositing: Austin Hochstatter

 3D Animation: Austin Hochstatter, Chase Hochstatter

3D Modeling: Chase Hochstatter

Editor: Austin Hochstatter