In the summer of 2018 my Creative Director expressed his interest in leading our motion team in a new direction, pursuing projects for Prime Video. His sights were set on creating show package content (Title Sequences, Promotional Graphics, etc) for Prime Originals. The team had a titles reel built from Amazon work, but David wanted to include creative pieces built by the team to populate the reel. He asked us to create a title sequence from scratch.



My concern with speculative work has always been with the level of collective passion the team shares. At the start we had the name Ashes of Titan and a few motion tests. This wasn’t enough to carry us to completion. To fight the burnout, I sat down for two days and approached the project like a designer would, had a legitimate studio approached them. To start I needed a story. So I (barely) wrote a script. Read here. I listened to this playlist as I outlined the story.



With Episode.01 written I then had source material to pull imagery from. I began a general conceptualization of this Amazon Original with a free-write and word list.



After concepting I began selling my ideas to my fellow designers. Once they bought in we tackled the pitch as if this were a real assignment. I lead and collaborated with two designers to build this deck. (Download PDF)




Style frame


Motion Tests


Studio: XCM Motion Team

Executive Creative Director: David Viau

Concept/Creative Direction: Austin Hochstatter

Art Direction: Ian Frederick

3D Animation: Austin Hochstatter, Ian Frederick

Simulation Artist: Ryan Eastham

Graphic Designer: Andrew Nam