Djarum Super

Particles_30sec_040617 (1-00-25-04).png

This masterpiece was created for Djarum Super at Strange & Wonderful under the direction of Will Hyde. "Particles" is jam packed with motion capture performances, energy beams and simulations all founded in thoughtful design. I worked on the 3D execution with Jason Diaz.


Djarum Super - Particles



Working from a rough agency vision, Jake Wegesin created these epic style frames to hone in on the explosive energy that embodies Djarum


Behind the Scenes


Motion Test

Pulling from our style frames and the agency's initial feedback, I explored methods in this motion test. This gave life to our frames and united the world in which these characters exist.

Pre Visualization

This pre-vis was created to time out the proposed performances prior to the motion capture shoot. It enabled us to build a world around the locked cinematography before the shoot even took place.


Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde

Concept/Design: Morgan Fromme, Ryan Rothermel, Jake Wegesin

Compositing: Julie Jang and Paul Barkshire

 3D Animation: Jason Diaz and Austin Hochstatter

Editor: Ryan Hills