This Digital Product Video was a collaborative project made by the Amazon Motion Team. A DPV is created when Amazon releases new Echo enabled devices. The Echo Link & Echo Link Amp allow customers to upgrade their stereo system with high-fidelity streaming music and Alexa.

We were tasked with creating a variety of 3D home interiors for Echo Devices to live in that mirrored the look of the product photo shoot. We then created an animatic where we blocked out scenes and focused on the cinematography. I managed to slip my 3D body scan into the a few scenes. This DPV lives on the Amazon website.




Studio: XCM Motion Team

Direction: David Viau + Mike Morris

Animation: Justin Reed, Mike Morris, Austin Hochstatter

Lighting & Shading: Ian Frederick, Justin Reed

Compositing: Paul Barkshire

Script: Brandon Hilliard