We collaborated with Wongdoody to create a series of sensational swirl-centric spots. We exhausted every approach to create organic swirl patterns to populate the environment surrounding the LIP38℃.  My role in this spot was animation, Camera, and compositing. 


FlowFushi UZU Design

Uzu graphic created by Will Hyde through sumi style ink mixing. 


Swirl Explorations

For these spots Flowfushi wanted to bring the  "UZU" to life. Without venturing into the troubling territory of  3D liquid simulation, we experimented with a few CG and live action methods to capture the essence of the swirl. Our favorite by far was this acrylic paint dispersion method.  


Liquid Swirl Tests

We toggled with liquid simulators online, mixed various viscous acrylics, and painted watercolor strokes. Eventually the client settled on  cel-animated liquid.  Morgan Fromme dove head first into the painstaking process of frame by frame animation.


Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde

Compositing: Morgan Fromme, Austin Hochstatter

3D Animation: Austin Hochstatter, Eddy Adams

Editor: Ryan Hills

Agency: Wongdoody