The Kinetic Desert started as a design direction for the annual MARS tech conference held in Palm Springs. The weekend long getaway is a private event hosted by Jeff Bezos at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs. The conference is an inspirational gathering where the brightest minds from the four disciplines (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Space) gather to present and network.


The brief called for a long loop-able deliverable; something that could be remixed for title card graphics. My final edit contains a narrative structure and warm mood. I built this in order to sell the direction.



“The Kinetic Desert is a nature based design direction where simple machine-sculptures will be motivated by the forces of the desert. These elements will ultimately reveal the letter forms that make up the structures. This direction will attempt to catch the eye of the viewer through mesmerizing, organic movement. To guide the audience, the edit will gently cut between warm abstract compositions in a lo-fi atmosphere. These graphics will feel non-intrusive and integrated into the scenery of The Parker.”




I initially sought out references with an architectural focus, but eventually narrowed my search to complicated sculptural references. The Other Trans-Atlantic had a large influence on my direction.


Frames - Day & Night Options


Design Time-Lapse


Concept/Design: Austin Hochstatter

3D Animation: Austin Hochstatter

compositing: Austin Hochstatter

Editor: Austin Hochstatter

Music - “Speechless” by unwanted