A friend of mine contacted Strange & Wonderful to pitch on a graphics package for the Madden NFL Championship Series. Having completed the 2017 package the year prior, I was excited to have another chance to push ESL's on-air design. I created the two design directions we pitched and built out project files for animators to take over and version. 


Direction #1 -Polished Mech

Our original vision for the ESL Madden 18 was a "Polished Mech". I sought to create a familiar industrial design framework with a clean finish. Constructive architecture presented a clear directive for GFX articulation. Light played a large role in balancing the dark materials housing graphics by filling the frame and forming the environment. 


Polished Mech Motion Test


Direction #2 - Industrial Loft

We pushed our design further with the ESL team and honed in on a look that would flow seamlessly with their prospective set design. The synthesis of an industrial loft aesthetic is one that melds toughness in its' structure to the luxury of urban modern living. This marriage created these warm industrial styleframes. 


Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde

Design: Austin Hochstatter

3D Animaton: Austin Hochstatter / Morgan Fromme

Compositing: Morgan Fromme

Agency: ESL