In October 2017 ESL contacted Strange & Wonderful requesting we pitch on an upcoming graphics package for the Madden NFL Championship Series. Having some background in live graphics and a budding admiration for the rapidly growing e-sports industry, I was elated to have the opportunity. We submitted four designs and delivered over 50 individual animated graphics. I designed one of our proposed directions, animated and versioned 3D assets.



This montage contains just a few elements from the graphics package. 


Design - Grid Iron

My vision for the ESL Madden Championchip is called Grid Iron. As seen in the mood board, I sought to create a tactile, build-out, framework for the game information to live in. The three dimensional constructive layout promoted a definitive articulation of potential animation, getting you from A to B in a horse-powered second. Pistons, panels, perforated planes, pack a punch. 



I worked along side Strange & Wonderful's team to create many of the graphic deliverables. I was solely responsible for the wipe transitions, an element used numerous times through the broadcasts to move in and out of live game play. 


Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde

Designer/Lead 3D: Jake Wegesin

3D Animaton: Austin Hochstatter

Compositing: Morgan Fromme