Motion Control Study - Shoe Carnival

In my exploration beyond post production graphics into live action production, I found myself "visual effects supervising." Having worked on past installments of Shoe Carnival I was quite familiar with the production. We purchased a Ditogear motion control unit for the latest addition of Fall Boots and the task of integrating the hardware into the process was left up to me.


Designing for Motion

Before production begins I shoot lockups of the roughly styled shoes and then composite the style frames in Photoshop. This is important because the motion control move cannot be executed until shoe lockups are approved by client. 



Once the style frames are approved we build out the Ditogear Spin360 and Omnihead. We take specific measurements between the film plane and the center of the turntable to assure our camera movements remain consistent between lockups. The move itself last 30 seconds, the shoes travel a full 360°


Final Spot

After production we pull a camera track in NUKE, animate the entire spot in 3D and composite the beauty shot effortlessly on top the renders. Here are a few examples of the completed commercials.  

Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde

Compositing/ Design: Austin Hochstatter

Compositing: Eugene Kong

Cinematography: Ryan Hills