Strange and Wonderful Identities

 I had access to professional production equipment and software while working as a full time designer for Strange & Wonderful. In my downtime I tried to learn new techniques and some of these learning opportunities resulted in short projects. Here are some of those projects catered toward branding Strange & Wonderful. 


Shipping Out

I animated this short during my last week at Strange & Wonderful. No matter where I end up, I will always have a bit of S&W in my heart.


Stranger Beings

Riding the hype of the Netflix success "Stranger Things" I felt it becoming on myself to seize the public's growing interest in some of the Stranger things. 



This is a short speculative identity created at Strange & Wonderful. The footage was shot by Will Hyde and the postproduction was directed by David Viau. My role in this was primarily compositing. 

Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Executive Creative Director: David Viau

Designer/Animator: Austin Hochstatter

Editor/Camera Op: Ryan Hills


The Ampersand

Strange & Wonderful's ampersand was designed by Will Hyde. These six renderings of the logo were generated in Houdini by Jake Wegesin, and Lit/Rendered by me in Cinema4D. I'm hoping to populate the studio monitors with these creatures. 

Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Jake Wegesin and Austin Hochstatter collaboration. 


Eat Your Heart Out 

A short identity animation created by the Strange & Wonderful team. Characters designed by Joe Garber. 

Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde

Design/Animation: Joe Garber

Animator: Austin Hochstatter

Editor: Ryan Hills