Tape to Tape

Tape to Tape - Showcase Graphics

For the Motion Media department's Senior Showcase, I lead a creative team from concept to creation of the complete branding package.

"Tape to Tape" directly refers to the form of linear editing where images from a source tape are transferred and copied to a new blank tape. This conceptual container worked as a transitional element, representing a Senior's journey from their educational peak on to their climb in the professional world. This container called for design methods to be physical, practical, nostalgic and fantastical.

The Senior Showcase may have been a grand goodbye, but it is also a celebration for what was  to come.

Step 1: Shoot 5 headshots of 30 subjects.

Step 2: Sequence and animate headshots.

Step 3: Project headshots on to plexi glass, and record warped image / scan lines.

Step 4: Pixel sort individual subjects for custom distortion.

Step 5: Layer pixel sorted sequence on shot footage. Step print the new sequence staggering layers 10 times at 10% opacity.

Austin Hochstatter
Producer / Animation

Robert Morrison Jnr.
Logo Design / Animation

Daniel Visconti
Poster Design / Animation

Peter Clark
Cinematography / Animation


Music by Com Truise